Testimony of our story

The museum’s collections of artifacts and photographs

The Museum’s collection of artifacts includes more than 7500 objects from the world of ski that are as much testimony to our history and your passion for the sport and mainly for the wonderful season that is winter.

The museum’s collection of photographs contains several hundred images. It is possible to buy photo reproductions for your various projects. Certain conditions apply. Click here for more details.

The range of the collection

Objects and documents related to skiing and its disciplines (alpine, cross-country, jumping, etc.).

This may include skis, boots, ski polls, but also lift tickets, publicity pamphlets, clothing, photographs, film, etc.

Objects and documents related to winter sports.

This may include snowboards, snowshoes, ice skates, luges, etc.

Objects and documents related to the development of the ski industry and its many facets (Ex. Tourism).

This may include promotional pamphlets or publications, ski area posters, ski magazines or newspaper articles about skiing in the area.

Objects and documents related to the development of the Laurentians (under some circumstances).

This may include agrarian or forestry items, documents illustrating the land allotments of the first settlers or their land leases, etc.