Dedicated managers who make all the difference…

Board of Directors

Pierre Urquhart
General Director

  • Director since from 1998 to 2022 of the Chambre de commerce et de tourisme de la Vallée de Saint-Sauveur.

Guy Thibaudeau

  • Ski and Winter sports columnist for 50 years.

Daniel Dubé

  • Co-owner of Saint-Sauveur Health grocery store, Rachelle-Béry


Linda Crutchfield

  • Athlete in downhill skiing, water skiing and sledding;
  • Ski Instructor (Level IV Examiner);
  • Member of the Board since 1985 and former President (2002-2005).

Gilles Dazé

  • Police officer and ski instructor (35 years) retired;
  • Former municipal councilor;
  • Former President (2012-2016).

Jim Stein

  • Businessman and owner of Mont-Habitant

Mark Brennan

  • Former Canadian Champion of Freestyle Skiing
  • Former Captain of National Team
  • World Cup Host on CBC and CTV
  • Skiing Industry Ambassador

Ilene Geringer Smith

  • Former municipal councilor;
  • Skier.

Maureen Boorne

  • President (2009-2013);
  • Member of the CSIA (1971-2017).

Robert Shelso

  • Ski instructor Level 3 CSIA;
  • Former President of the LSM (2006-2008)
  • Ski shop owner;
  • Ski school director, Hill 40-80, Sainte-Adèle;
  • Ski patroller St John’s Ambulance;
  • Racing for the St Sauveur Ski Club.

Pierre Gauvin
Ex officio President

  • President and Founder of Thingsfactory;
  • Team manager TAG Heuer – FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup from 1992 to 1998;
  • Resident of Piedmont between 2003 and 2019;
  • Member of the Red Bird Ski Club;
  • Member of the Tremblant Ski Club from 1988 to 1998;
  • Official Canada Alpin level 4.

Observer members

Nancy Belhumeur

  • LSM Curator (2016-) project manager;
  • Master’s degree in museology.

Rosa Borregine

  • Councilor, Saint-Sauveur;
  • International telecommunications for 30 years