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The History of Skiing in the Laurentians: Living in winter, with winter, for winter

The introduction of skiing in the Laurentian region, first as a means of locomotion on the snow, then as a sport of participation and competition, has contributed to and still contributes to the social, economic, tourist and even cultural development of the Laurentian territory. From a forest and agricultural region, skiing has made the « Pays-d’en-Haut »  a paradise for winter sports and is considered the birthplace of skiing in Canada. The permanent exhibition of the Laurentian Ski Museum proposes to present the principal stages in the history of skiing in the Laurentians in order to better understand how man lived in winter, with winter and for winter .

By Michel Allard, historien-conseil, Musée du ski des Laurentides

Exhibition areas

Zone 1

The origins of skiing

Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of the Nordic countries have found ways to move on the snow. The word “ski” comes from the Scandinavian languages.
In Norwegian, it means “piece of wood”. In Canada, it was in the nineteenth century that Norwegians brought in their luggage the three-meter-long skis that would soon come to compete with the Amerindian snowshoes.

Musée du ski - Zone 1

The story of the Pays-d’en-haut

Zone 2

Early days of skiing in the Laurentians

Musée du ski - Zone 2

Zone 3

A new invention

Musée du ski - Zone 3-2

Zone 4

A sport for the masses

Musée du ski - Zone 4

Skiing becomes diversified

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Zone 5

Hall of Fame

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