Theo Harb

Builder, Theo Harb has been involved at every level in the Canadian alpine ski community, both for ski center management and for mechanization of ski lifts. Today, his passion for skiing and the mountains is still present even as he approaches his 97th birthday. Theo Harb

Lange Canada

Lange Canada | Temple de la Renomée du ski des Laurentides

The year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the first plastic ski boot invented in the United States. This boot was developed by Lange Canada, under the supervision of David Jacobs in Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentians. Lange Canada

Rochelle Lash

Since the 1980s, Journalist Rochelle Lash has helped promote tourism and skiing in the Laurentians through her articles. Her articles have reached millions of readers through print media, including The Montreal Gazette, The New York Times, The Toronto Star and Skiing Magazine. Rochelle Lash

Michel Allard

Doctor in history, Michel Allard contributed greatly to the permanent exhibition of the Laurentian Ski Museum. Professor and speaker, he has signed several articles and a book, including “Le Coeur des Laurentides” on the history of the Laurentians and the importance of skiing in its development. Michel Allard

Lowell Thomas*

Journalist and builder, Lowell Thomas was a war correspondent for major American networks in the 1930s. During the same period, a passionate ski enthusiast, he will be responsible for the creation of Mont-Tremblant, under the direction of Joe Ryan. Lowell Thomas*

Stan Segal

Instructor and builder, Stan Segal founded and operated one of the most important itinerant ski schools for young people called the “Snowlarks”. More than 500 youths were enrolled for classes each weekend. Stan Segal