Rhoda Wurtele Eaves and Rhona Wurtele Gillis*

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Laurentian Ski Hall of Fame – LSM

Rhoda Wurtele Eaves & Rhona Wurtele Gillis*
(1922 - 2021 (Rhona))
Inspiring skier for the future generations
Inducted in 1986

Now in their nineties but still full of vitality, Rhoda and Rhona Wurtele can be counted among the most brilliant of Quebec athletes of all time. In their youth, they excelled in all sports but their dream was to master the 38 metre ski jump set up high on the Mount-Royal. At age 11 only, it was all done. Having got to know the Laurentian slopes backwards, they stood on the top podium in every competition. In 1943, Rhoda defeated her nearest rival by the remarkable time of 24 seconds in the Classique Taschereau, held at Mont-Tremblant and featuring the best athletes of the day. Over the years, Rhona picked up 47 medals and Rhoda 76. Only of the Second World War (in 1940 and 1944), and injuries in 1948 prevented them from making their mark during the Olympics. In 1956, they helped set up the Ski Jays, the first ski school for children in North America and then the Ski Chicks for girls. Then the Twinski Club for women, was founded and sometimes later it was joined by the men. They are still enjoying runs down various Laurentian ski slopes today.

  Rhoda Wurtele Eaves & Rhona Wurtele Gillis*