Programme Ski-Études de l’École A.-Norbert Morin

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Programme Ski-Études de l'École A.-Norbert Morin
First ski program in Canada
Inducted in 2006

Inspired by specialised sport-studies programs in the United States and noticing the number of young racing skiers who quits school, Mario Riel and José Couture, two physical education teachers at A.-N.-Morin initiated, in 1985, a ski program. They installed it progressively and, in 1990, it was finally offered to all 5 levels of secondary school. The program produced some very good skiers such as Geneviève Simard and François Bourque. The program ski-études is offered in 5 options: alpine ski passion, alpine ski racing development, freestyle, cross-country and snowboard.

  Programme Ski-Études de l'École A.-Norbert Morin