Beryl Puddifer

Builder, alpine skiing. Originally from Great Britain, Beryl made an important contribution to the notoriety of the Laurentians and of Mont-Tremblant by creating Ski the Gap, a ski school for young British people who desired to become ski instructors during their pivotal year between high school and university. Created in 1994, Ski the Gap is […]

James Jackson

Builder, Nordic skiing. This resident of Morin-Heights, an engineer by training, has dedicated most of his life to cross-country skiing, as a designer and manufacturer of skis for over 10 years at the Norski and Karhu companies. He also gave his time as a volunteer to supervise, design and develop the Morin-Heights network of ski […]

Serge Couture

Builder, downhill skiing. Serge has had a long and important career in ski resort management. In the 1970s, he was one of the artisans behind the revival of Mont Saint-Sauveur (now Les Sommets) with the Hebert and Dufour families, just to name a few.  A visionary, he bought in 1988 the Mont St-Bruno located in […]

Eddy Butler

Builder, downhill skiing. This ski enthusiast has touched innumerable areas of skiing. He started as a patrolman at Mont-Tremblant, he was one of the first Canadians to spend his summers in Chile to work in the biggest ski resort at the time. He eventually created “Les Importations Edger”, a ski equipment distributor that helped many […]

Theo Harb

Builder, Theo Harb has been involved at every level in the Canadian alpine ski community, both for ski center management and for mechanization of ski lifts. Today, his passion for skiing and the mountains is still present even as he approaches his 97th birthday. Theo Harb

Lowell Thomas*

Journalist and builder, Lowell Thomas was a war correspondent for major American networks in the 1930s. During the same period, a passionate ski enthusiast, he will be responsible for the creation of Mont-Tremblant, under the direction of Joe Ryan. Lowell Thomas*

Jacques G. Hébert*

Jacques G. Hébert (1936-2006) dedicated his professional life to the leisure industry in Québec. Visionary and entrepreneur he, without a doubt, became one of the predominent figures and pioneer of the modern ski industry in Quebec. An avid sportsman and ski instructor during his studies, he become more interested in the ski industry in 1970 […]

Chris Blanchard

Chris Blanchard, nordic skiing athlete (1971-)’s international career spanned a decade from 1988 when he was a forerunner at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary to 1998 when he competed for Canada at the Nagano Olympics in Japan. For 26 years Chris devoted a major part of his life to skiing and was a […]

Paul Lalonde*

IInstructor, builder, fond of alpine and cross-country skiing, Paul Lalonde (1917-1984) had a mission, to revive cross-country trails too often invaded by Nature and, where necesary, to develop new ones. Lalonde’s skiing career is associated for the greater part to the slopes of La Marquise in Saint-Sauveur, to ski teaching as well as the preservation […]

Roger McCarthy

Ex Mont Tremblant GM and Intrawest regional VP he was the man chosen by Intrawest to rebuild the Laurentians’ most important resort. The result was such that Mon-Tremblant was chosen “best ski resort in the East” for over 10 consecutive years. Roger McCarthy