Jean Carpentier

Athlete, instructor and builder in alpine skiing, Jean Carpentier (1940-) began skiing in early in the 50’. In 1958-59, he began working as ski patroller at Mont Tremblant. He was also a very competitive skier in the Laurentian Zone, as well in the other parts of Quebec where he regularly figured well skiing with the […]

Bob Mc Lennan

Bob McLennan began ski teaching locally at Gray Rocks in 1960-61. By 1963-64, McLennan was named assistant director of the ski school. A few years later he was assistant to the great and famous Ernie McCulloch at the equally famous Mont-Tremblant ski school. He spent the summers from 1963 to 67 teaching at Mount Kosciusko […]

Don Dairy

Don Dairy began his career in 1961 at Lac-Beauport with the likes of Mario Podoriesach and Giovanni Gerometta where they were certified by the legendary Swiss master Fritz Looslie. A Senior Level IV instructor, Don spent the greater part of his career in the Laurentians. In addition to having been director of skiing at several […]

Jacques Jacko Graton

Jacques, nicknamed «Jacko», Gratton spent the greatest proportion of his professional career on his skis, first as patroller then instructor, ski school director and level IV Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance examiner. One of his greatest contributions to the promotion of Laurentian skiing was the development of numerous Tremblant racers for the National Ski Team as […]

James Jimmy Colligan

James « Jimmy » Colligan has worked very hard behind the scene to make significant contributions to skiing and to disabled skiers programs in particular. Assigned to skiers with special needs at Gray Rocks, he then decided to become more involved with the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiers where he made innovations in adapting equipment […]

Joan (Goodwin-Wilson) Stein

At age 16, Joan Goodwin-Wilson left her native Ontario for Quebec in order to get her level I as a ski instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA). She fell in love with the Laurentians and taught at Mont-Tremblant for 3 years. In 1962, at 25, she became director of the Mont-Habitant Ski School […]

Georges Vigeant

Georges Vigeant was born in 1926. He became a certified instructor from the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) in 1959. He was a CSIA level IV instructor in 1960. He was a national examiner for CSIA between 1960 and 1980. He was a member of the Canadian Interski Demonstration Team in 1965 and in 1968. […]

Alex Kerr-Gillespie*

Alex Kerr-Gillespie was born in Montréal in 1919 and moved after in the Laurentians with his family. Along with his brothers and sisters, he was going to school. That trail was later known as the “Gillespie Trail”. In 1936, he finished first in the Junior Tachereau at Mont-Tremblant. In 1940, he is the Provincial cross-country […]

Réal Charette*

Réal Charrette started skiing in 1930 in the Laurentians. He was a pioneer. During the Second World War, he was a lieutenant and a ski instructor for the canadian and scottish troupes. He was the 1st level IV ski instructor of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA). He was also a president and chief examiner […]

Gaby Pleau*

Born in Loretteville, Québec in 1920, Gaby Pleau was a member of the Alpine National Ski team between 1942 and 1946. During her carreer, she won many Championships in Québec, in Canada and in the United-States. In 1947, she founded a ski club for girls and women “Club-École Saint-Castin du Lac Beauport”. With 163 members, […]